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commercial/event planners

Site specific or performance works for corporate and commercial events.

Clients include Dom Perigon, BCBG, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ford, Jaguar, Aston Martin, TED, The Grammy's, Van Cleef and Arpels, S Vodka, Four Seasons Santa Barbara, W Hotel New Orleans, Volvo, and Land Rover.

- The overall aesthetic aim of Strange & Elegant corporate choreography is to create beautiful, visually stunning and intelligent movement environments.

menu of work

Although we prefer to create site-specific and individually theme based choreography, there are several pieces that can be used in various settings. Below are just a few examples.

Strange & Elegant Vignettes

Custom Individual & Event-Specific Work:
Strange & Elegant prefers to create choreography, vignettes, and costume ideas that are specific to the event, product launch, or tour. Conversations with the client to discuss the overall aesthetic goal lead to theme development and design adaptation regarding ideas created specifically for a project.

Smoke Skirts:

Dancers have smoke machines hidden under large skirts. They perform a beautiful gestural dance as the smoke billows out from under the hem their skirts. The smoke is non-toxic & water based, safe for indoors and is triggered by the dancers feet under the skirt. This performance works well at building entrances, on stage or outside at night. The visual is absolutely stunning with proper minimalist lighting. Costumes can range from custom made elegant corset-like tops with big hoop skirts or tattered & gauzy Mid Summer's Night Dream like costumes.

Technical Requirements: One power outlet per dancer | A few well-aimed lighting instruments

Black Dress Duets:

Dancers perform understated duets in long black fitted dresses. The movement is sensual and sophisticated. Ideally, the dancers perform within in the crowd, creating an environmental mood that doesnÂ’t overpower. The movement is highly stylized, choreographically detailed and can co-exist with a hip upscale scene, as well as artistically oriented black tie affairs.

Sound Skirts:

Dancers perform out in the environment of the event and they have sound systems rigged underneath their skirts. In the past, we've created motorcycle soundtracks, bizarre party scenes and beautiful music. As the dancers get close to the guests, the audio environment being emitted from under their skirts becomes apparent to the guests. The sound can be created specifically to work with thematic elements.

Long Stick Fingers:

The dancers are costumed in long white skirts that reach the ground. They are oddly tall as they are concealing elevated shoes. Their tops are tight ace bandages that wrap around their chests. On their hands they wear white skinny finger extensions on each finger that reach all the way to the ground. They travel throughout the crowd creating an arresting image. They are followed by another grouping of dancers that perform a style of movement that weaves beautifully and intricately within the oddly elegant stick fingered dancers.

Digitalons/Finger Extensions:

The (two or more) dancers have long Asian inspired finger extensions. The extensions can either be very straight and sexy or claw-like. This piece works great in shadow or with front lighting to create shadows on back surfaces.

Paint Couple:

Dancers perform a raucous, fun and highly physical duet that incorporates 2 or more paint stations. They start out clean in their white costumes and end up completely messy and covered in paint. As they dance together the paint gets all over them. This is a playful piece.
Technical Requirements: This is a messy piece but I use tempera paint so the paint comes out easily. Dancers need towels and stuff so that they can clean up after the piece.

Spanish Collars:

Dancers travel in a group performing an intricate butoh style piece. The movement is detailed, specific and mesmerizing. The Bauhaus inspired costumes are beautiful and interesting and consist of big Spanish collars, corsets, metal tutu frames covered in sheer fabric, fishnets and rain boots. They can be either black or white.

Percussion Procession:

A group of dancers with marching drums attached at their hips create a processional to guide guests to a new location or simply as a happening that occurs throughout the crowd to draw attention to something or someone. The dancers are wearing all white from head to toe. They are corseted with long flowing skirts and a white tint to their skin. They can play either high energy or with more subtlety. They are accompanied by pure white miniature horses or white ponies who are also dressed and layered in white and creams.

Miniature horses and/or ponies not included in quote. I can get pricing for this in 24 hours. It changes depending on location and also I need to make sure rentals are available if we do this outside of the LA area.

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