Strange and Elegant


Holly's choreography for film/video covers music videos, video installations, film and videos for live performance. Her short dance film "Grey Shanty" premiered at the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema which subsequently toured to Barcelona. She has created several video installations and music videos for her collaborative project, String Theory.

Holly also works on film & video projects independent of her performance ensemble. She choreographed "Pit bull on a Stick" a video installation by artist, Yoshua Okon, featuring 15 male pit bulls, produced by Los Angeles Nomadic Division and "While Tom Waits" a film by Scott Mathews.

Holly's choreography can be seen in the film "Lorelei" a post apocalyptic desertscape by Mission of Monkey's directors Shane & Sean McAllen.

Currently, Holly is collaborating with film maker Alexis Spraic on her dance film, "This is Not Here."

video examples

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