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This work focuses on the development of proper physicality, stretch and strength,and on the activiation and organization of energy. Individuals develop their movement voice, and understand how to modify it to respond to the emotional and physical needs of a character.

Get In Your Body

This class will focus on developing a strong connection to the energy body and proper motion. Emphasis will be placed on organizing and visualizing oppositional energy to achieve maximum power, efficiency and flexibility. We will also address using gravity while in motion and how proper physicality is crucial to using gravity well. ("Gravity is the most potent physical influence in any human life. When the human energy field and gravity are at war, gravity wins every time." Ida Rolf) We will work to establish an inner architectural vision. The energy body concepts explored will then be explored in relation to using the physical body properly. We will address issues of alignment and explore how to use deep core muscles rather than superficial muscles. If you overdevelop your abdominals you may not be using your psoas muscles ("...through sports and exercise, our culture concentrates so much time & money in strengthening the abdominal muscles. We have lost contact with the deeper levels of our structure... Exercises like sit-ups and push ups not only weaken the psoas muscle, causing it to tense and shorten, but also provokes additional stress to the already strained back muscles and diaphragm. This further decreases their efficiency and motility." Liz Koch.) The class will begin with a structured warm up incorporating yoga, core strengthening with a little pilates and release technique. We will proceed with exploring movement through various approaches. We will do exercise combinations, structured improvisations, sound & movement explorations, image inspired movement and so on. This class will work to access a deeper understanding of your movement impulses and your own personal vocabulary. We will also explore character building through physical and energy exploration.


* Develop your own movement voice
* Develop a connection to your impulses
* Awaken core energy-- build a connection to the energy of the pelvis
* Connect and USE the breath to alter physicality
* Create physical characters
* Clarity of interaction
* Develop spatial awareness
* Learn how others perceive you as a performer
* Understand and develop your performance personality
* Gain an awareness of habits
* Organize the pranic body (energy body)
* Understand how to properly use the physical body and develop consciousness, strength and endurance. To Be Physical.
* Communicate to an audience without sending out unwanted unconscious messages

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