Strange and Elegant
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The foundation of my teaching draws from a background in ballet and contemporary styles. From ballet, I incorporate the cleanliness of line and form. From modern dance, I draw fall, suspension, off balance movement and big generous movement through space aesthetics. My focus is on building a strong internal foundation for the dancer that includes strength, flexibility, alignment, specificity and awareness. Creating a clear understanding of how to direct energy and apply oppositional forces is part of this foundation.

I feel strongly that dance training should facilitate the development of finding ones own movement voice. Strong, confident dancers develop in to well-rounded artists/performers. At the same time, an awareness of communal support and interaction is essential.

I have a background in theater and music. I like to incorporate elements of various influences in my teaching. Drawing from these other disciplines inspires dancers to understand that there is a wealth of information to draw upon creatively to enhance and influence the quality of movement.

My classes are ripe with imagery. I use imagery to effectively change the way a dancer moves through space. The imagery can come from Ideokinesis to address alignment or the imagery can be imposed upon the dancer to influence how they perceive space.

Teaching is a reciprocal relationship. I have always felt throughout my many years of teaching that I was evolving along with each student. Each person has something that can show me how to become a better teacher, so the foundation of my teaching is to teach with respect for all individuals. I feel it is necessary to stay open to learning in order to be a better teacher.

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